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Start your musical journey with the Shankar Mahadevan!

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Date: December 12, 2016 5:15 PM |  Venue: Academy of Creative Arts

For more information call  612.888.ARTS (2787)

 Academy of Creative Arts

12 A Street, Burlington, MA 02421
612.888.ARTS (2787)

This course has been designed for students from the ages 6+ ..

GWM103A Age: 6+ to 8

This is the first of the 4 courses designed to introduce you..

Hindustani Vocal for Kids 100A

We will be starting with a program to learn basics of singin..

Learn Basics of Singing along with Two Hindi Movie Songs

Class Time / Fees: 

  • Sat 11.15-12:00 PM (Starts Feb 4)
  • Fees - $299/ 12 weeks

  Class Time / Fees:

  • Sat 12:00-12:45 PM (Starts Feb 4)
  • Fees - $299/ 12 weeks

Class Time / Fees:

  • Sat 6.15-7.00 PM (Starts Feb 4)
  • Fees - $149/ 12 weeks

This course is aims to teach the student the basics of music..

Basics of Music and Devotional Songs and Shlokas

This course is ideal for students looking to take their firs..

Hindustani Vocal 101

This course reinforces the concepts of Swar Sadhana and patt..

Hindustani Vocal 102

Class Time/Fees

  • Timings: 2:30 PM -3:00 PM (Starts Feb 9)
  • Fees - $149/ 12 weeks

Class Time/Fees

  • Sat 12.00-12.45 PM (Starts Feb 4)
  • Fees - $299/ 12 weeks

Class Time/Fees

  • Sat: 8.45- 9.30 AM (Starts Feb 4)
  • Fees - $299/ 12 weeks


With the Academy you get:

» A structured, systematic curriculum created by the maestros of India
» OM book, Online Music book with audios, videos lyrics, theory and swaras
» Competent teachers that are trained by us
» Assessments, examinations, results and certificate signed by Shankar Mahadevan



Welcome to the Shankar Mahadevan Academy, I'm truly excited this collaborative venture with Academy of Creative Arts.
Our vision is to make learning of all styles of Indian music easy,accessible ,and fun.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced student, I can assure you that this journey of music learning and appreciation will be fun and very rewarding!