Hindustani Vocal Program - Electives Level

Prior learning - 1+yrs learning

Classical music is the base for any kind of music we learn or listen to. The Joy of Singing™ program is designed for Classical music lovers who want to celebrate the joy of learning music without having to worry about grades, certification etc . This series of courses in Hindustani Vocal brings the whole idea of practicing singing without the various complexities and rigidity of a typical classical music curriculum. In the first set of courses in this series, students will get to explore the magic of Ragas without too much emphasis on theory. The basic idea behind these courses is to enjoy the flavor of classical music by learning various compositions. It helps you to bridge the gap between actual singing and understanding the technicalities that come along with that. This series of music is full of fun but in a structured format. The main aim is to simplify the complicated Khayal Gayaki and learn to appreciate and enjoy Hindustani Classical music in its various forms.

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Joy Of Singing Program has 5 courses

Friendship with Ragas 701

Kabir Bhajans, Songs and compositions using Raga Vrindavani Sarang Raga Shankara, Raga Bihag

Friendship with Ragas 702

Learn devotional songs, Bhajans and other compositions based on Raga Kedar Raga Todi, Raga Kalavati

Friendship with Ragas 703

Explore Raga Bageshree, Raga Bhairav and Raga Bhairavi with the help of some melodious and timeless compositions.

Friendship with Ragas 704

Learn Swar Sadhana, Bhajan Singing , Saraswati Vandana and Vaishnav Janato

Raga Yaman - an in-depth study - Part 1

Shudh Swaras, Swara Patterns in Raga Yaman, Swara Vistar, Chhota Khayal, Sur and Taal, Bada Khayal, Tarana, Popular Yaman

Program Highlights

  • Each course in the series will focus on beautiful compositions based on 3 Ragas
  • Each Raga will have an introduction followed by Swaramalika and the composition
  • You will also be introduced to Ragas that are close to the main Ragas (Samprakritic Ragas)
  • You will also learn some famous compositions based on the Ragas
  • The primary focus of the course is on the Joy of Music - understanding, learning, singing and experimenting with Hindustani Classical Music

Learning Experience

  • One 45 min online class every week for 12 weeks from the convenience of your own home
  • Separate adult and kid batches
  • Learning beyond the class hours.
  • You can practice and re-enforce your learning anytime anywhere using OM BookTM, a unique self-learning tool
  • You can submit your practice recordings for in-depth audio feedback from your teacher.
  • You will have access to your class recordings.
  • You will get a grade and certificate at the end of course
  • You can share your audio recordings with the academy community and your friends in facebook
  • Available on smartphones and tablets (IOS and Android platforms)