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Course fees : USD 389

Carnatic Vocal 106


Student should have completed CV101, 102, 103, 104, 105 or should know Basics of Carnatic music, Familiarity with Talams, alankarams. Should know about 4 geethams and also Swarajathis. Should be familiar with and be able to identify the ragams. Student should be able to sing all carnatic exercises with ease. Level description: The student will learn the lower sthayi varisais here. Will also learn two more swarajathis. The student will also be introduced to Lakshana geethams.

Student must complete CVESa exam with a passing grade of Honors or above


Students will learn to sing the lower Sthayi varisais and will continue to learn more Swarajathis in different ragams introducing them to more ragams. A slight variation if the Geetham is introduced here – Lakshana Geetham (which describes the ragam). Creative exercises will be given.