Creativity is hard work that’s come out to play.
Artists are people who can’t tell the difference between work and play. SMA Playhouse is a place where our young homegrown artists come together and do what they do best – create, perform, record a music video of their own. Under the watchful ears of the Academy's music mentors.

Lambodara Sundara Ragamalika

Our latest composition under SMA Playhouse! A soul-pleasing Carnatic Ragamalika that 9 students and 3 teachers have together created. This beautiful composition is dedicated to Lord Ganesha on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. 
Mohana Krishna Narthanam
Carnatic Fusion Thillana

The best way to learn music is to create music. Six of our Carnatic Vocal students decided to do just that. And here is their original composition, a Thillana—created from scratch. The Thillana is set in Mohana Ragam, a ragam that works beautifully for classical and light tunes. Going with the theme of Diwali, the composition is devoted to Lord Krishna.

SMA Playhouse Collection.
Teacher’s Anthem 
Umeeden, kwaaishein, koshishen, kaamna

An ode to the teacher-student relationship, this song talks of how the teacher brings out the best in their students. Here’s the unique thing about this song. There are no instruments used at all in this song. All the music is Acapella (vocal harmonies) and body percussion.

Divine Kalyani (Carnatic Classical)

Ragam: Kalyani
Talam: Rupakam
This composition is our dedication to the legendary composer Shyama Shastri, one among the Trinity of Indian Carnatic music. In this song, the composer asks divine goddess Parvathi Devi for her protection.
Jog Melange (Hindustani Classical)

A beautiful combination of the popular Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy number 'Koi Kahe Kehata Rahe’ and a Tarana in Raag Jog. Watch these two musical styles from totally different musical worlds come together. The song is expressed through Swara mapping. Check out our students having fun jamming and interacting with each other!